Working from Home vs. Coworking

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You may do it because you need to invest more energy in spending time with loved ones than commuting to your work. You may do it because you feel too comfortable. You may do it in light of the fact that conventional business working isn’t for you. You may do it because you are lazy. You may do it because you don’t know where else to work.

While many choose to go for ‘Working from Home’ to bring their Work-Life balance to a successful level, it is often overlooked that by choosing to work from home, the very line of difference between work and office is blurred.

No difference between ‘Work’ and ‘No Work’

You may realise that you can never escape work. Where once your day-to-day routine was divided into decent blocks of time, working from home converges the “work” and “no work” time. Sometimes, your work may come calling at painfully inconvenient times and other times the temptations of not doing anything creep up during work hours.

Distractions Abound

With the alluring sight of a couch to laze on and take mid-day naps in the name of ‘charging up’ and unlimited access to a kitchen to snack without judgements, working from home brings us face to face with our biggest distractions.

Loss of Work Flow

You’re just about to finish that report when the intermittent Wifi loses signal again. Finally, when the Wifi is up and running, your children (or other family members) prance into your workspace demanding your attention. When the environment has finally quietened down, you get hungry and get up to get something to eat. After scrounging in the kitchen, you settle on something to eat and later feel the need to top that meal off with a beverage. Those of you who are lucky may have someone bring that beverage to them, the others have to get up and make the same for themselves.

As you sip on your hot coffee for a boost of focus- there’s a commotion caused outside by your noisy neighbours of which you now must find the cause. After several hours of working in between distractions, you feel tired and settle in for a nap. Before you know it, all that work you have stacking up will have to wait yet another day.

Working at home can be wonderful, but it tends to dampen your productivity over time. You may not realise, but a large percentage of your time is spent attending to matters that wouldn’t have bothered you had you been working elsewhere.

Comfy looking beds just waiting to be slept in, the thought of watching that ‘one’ episode, a fully stocked kitchen and so many other distractions can tempt you away from your work. A task that would take one hour in an office could take five hours with all these things keeping you from giving your best and working smartly.

Look at this great infographic from: vs working at home

This image clearly shows the tremendous increase and boost in productivity and efficiency levels when the same job is performed at a co-working space instead of home.


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Working at home can be wonderful, but it tends to dampen your productivity over time. You may not realise, but a large percentage of your time is spent attending to matters that wouldn't have bothered you had you been working elsewhere.
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