Effective People Management Is the Key to Success

importance of people management, role played by people manegement in company success

People are the base of an organization. People are the primary ingredient of an organization change, and thus plans that focus on systems and structures alone are meant to mostly fail miserably.

With the goal of improving performance, managers are required to work vigorously on the ground with their staff to execute successful and survivable change.

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As such, it is very important for companies to continually evaluate and enhance their people management and leadership ability so that they can contribute not only in enhancing their employee’s careers but also their efficiency and finally business growth.

Objectives of People Management

Up to now, the manager has been liable for his own performance and outcomes. Now, they are judged on the basis of outcomes of team members. Even a slight less than average target achievement could invite trouble as competition is high and due to pressures of running businesses in even economically challenging times have led companies to be objective.

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Thus, success in people management has an entirely changed definition now and it is now more focused on having team members excel and achieve not only the targets but also set benchmarks even higher and higher.

It is a win win situation, if managers cultivate decision making capabilities in team so that they could also become future managers.

People management is not only assessing capabilities of teammates but it involves skills in putting those strengths to work and ensuring that team achieves far better results and that too in less than expected time. It should not be misunderstood that people management is entirely a sort of school to hone and develop future specialists as it focusses more on the immediate goal of achieving the targets – objectives.

In the process, managers are also required to develop teammates’ skills in stepping each other’s’ shoes if one of them backs out en route.

Efficacy of Good People Management

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Employees with a high level of commitment to the workplace are more probable to contribute to an organization’s success. This is because of the fact that they are more eager to dedicate themselves to complete the tasks at hand and that can help the organization to achieve its objectives in less time.

Research has also proved that employees who consider themselves as working for an efficacious manager score up to 400% higher on engagement assessments than those who think their manager to be inefficient.

Therefore, it is important to know what good people management is.

Good manager is known to be someone who allows his team to create an atmosphere in which engagement is possible. This includes keeping the team informed of business goals and objectives, treating each employee as a distinctive individual, assessing what they wish to have out of the company and also entrust them with it in a timely manner.

Another great job a manager does is that he or she respects teammates ideas, discusses it with them in an open communication and trains them to reassure them that they have a positive future with the organization. At the same time, the behaviour of supervisors should always be compatible with the values of the company.

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Employees who feel like a valued team member and an active element in steering the organization’s success and therefore find their job personally inspiring and rewarding.

They are also more likely to have a feeling of loyalty to the organization’s business and work harder for its growth. Hence, the employees who are pleased with their manager are more likely to have more conviction in the company’s future and are expected to stay longer with the business.

Role for HR

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If a revolutionary change is to be achieved through effective people management, HR professionals should also need to act as leader themselves and evolve the leadership skills of managers across the organization. This way devolving responsibilities of people management to managers themselves and enabling the HR department to focus on the broader issues and the overall people strategy.

Based on information of managerial effectiveness, the HR team should then be able to figure out the essential skills and behaviors needed from managers and use them as benchmark at the time of recruitment and training. HR teams in this way, will be able to affect employee engagement levels and improve the business performance directly.

The present world economy prompts a sincere thought about changing nature of businesses and a basic rethinking on how organizations manage people.

Companies won’t be successful or earn profits if they don’t pay heed to their workers. These working people have feelings and aspirations too and being objective and treating them like clogs in machine has not helped any business at any point of time.

If treated properly, humanely and giving them room for developing their skills would prompt employees to give their best to help make their companies successful.


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