Journey of an Unconventional Entrepreneur

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Journey of an Unconventional Entrepreneur is no different from a lone crusader. Right from the start, there are things that needs to be done and a lot of entrepreneurial lessons to be taken that the journey soon became too weary. However, for some who keep things planned right from day 1 and learn to delegate, rather than do everything themselves, have been found to have succeeded well in their pursuits.

Here is a peep into the journey of Rajeev Sharma (name changed) who took risks and never refrained from going an extra mile to setup and successfully run a startup. He now owns a chain of restaurants.

Beware of People Eager to Nip Your Idea in The Bud

It is a general observation that a lot of business ideas get scraped at a stage when they did not even see the light of the way. A lot of people (the conservationists) who fear to go into the dark deter others from getting near to dark. An unconventional idea is like sacrilege to them and they try to trash it the moment someone tries to discuss it with them. To the more, they would come up with their own traditional ideas quoting success stories of more conventional business ideas.

But Rajeev always preferred to think out of the box and was aware of such people who wish to pull him down. But he also knew that not all business ideas are revolutionary and not all are practical. Thus, he gave a reasonable thought to what people said and did an analysis before summarily rejecting others’ opposing views.

The D-Day

At a point of time there comes a moment when the budding entrepreneurs have to take a final decision – the ‘to be or not be’ moment. At first, this seemed to be easier to Rajeev as well, but it was so much taxing for him to actually decide whether to take a step further and stand out, or be in the queue and beat the trodden path. This was the most crucial moment for him as he had to weigh the pros and cons to the maximum extent possible vis-à-vis the resources at hand.

At this stage there were several things that literally tore his mind apart. As a budding entrepreneur he had no financial backup and he had to arrange finances and meet the extra burden. At this stage, if the entrepreneurism in him was short of energy then he would have backed out as only some sustain the pressure and carry on.

Teething Problems

As a true entrepreneur he never got swayed by the preliminary stage hiccups or problems that came in his way of setting up the first restaurant. This is what differentiates a robust entrepreneur from a fake one. Those who give up at this stage may have left some lacunae in their planning and homework.

Being One’s Own Future 

Unconventional entrepreneurs are highly attentive about their future. They do not give up. They keep digging until they find water. They devise ways to achieve what they have determined and never give up.  Rajeev was one of them.

What’s Enough

Success has a different meaning for the unconventional. They do not stop at any point as they do not know what’s enough. They always strive for more and continuously set higher benchmarks. Similarly, after tasting initial success, Rajeev to upped his expectations accordingly.

Living the Idea

Passionate and noteworthily energetic, entrepreneurs such as Rajeev always keep their spirits high and put in their best to live their idea and make things happen in order to realize it. Night or day, awake or sleeping, they keep their thought process on always and keep on churning their grey matter to devise a better and more profitable way of doing things in order make their idea work.

Family First but Work Is Worship   

Entrepreneurs are also humans. They too have a family. Although they remain more occupied with their work as there are a lot of things, they need to do but they never forget their family and friends. For them their work is worship and family is first.

They socialize but unlike the those engaged in regular jobs they seem to be little preoccupied with their work and sometimes lost even when they are at a large gathering. Initially, Rajeev too struggled to strike a balance between his family and professional life but he finally managed it.

Perseverance Is Key to Unlock the Locked

Similar to any business enterprise, things take time to fruit, ripe and mature. In case of a startup, things might take a little more time and so entrepreneurs need to be more patient and keep on trying, do their best, until the moment finally kicks in and they achieve success.

As an unconventional entrepreneur Rajeev was focused on present pursuits and keet his spirits high even during initial hiccups and challenges till perseverance finally got him through troubled times and he tasted success. He now has a chain of restaurants in Delhi.

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