Taking Advantage of the Sharing Economy

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Sharing is the new mantra. Although, it was always there but the latest trend is an evolved concept and is much beyond mere sharing of a pencil or lending a pen. It’s the sharing economy. Where sharing takes care in helping each other, sharing economy is a larger perspective and it contributes to the well-being of the entire economy as well as the individuals.

Evolution of The Concept

Known by different names such as collaborative economy, collaborative consumption, and peer-to-peer commerce, a sharing economy comprehensively refers to a sharing of goods or services by a group which is not only at a lower cost by is also qualitatively better. Unlike the goods or services sold or provided by large companies, the sharing economy allows sharing or trade of products or services, coworking on a need basis. Coworking enables entrepreneurs to cut-down hugely on office and other expenses.

Taking Advantage of the Sharing Economy

Sharing economy can be very crucial for startups as it does not require a large investment needed to help the business grow and stand up on its feet are available at an affordable price instantly. It’s a concept that has helped many entrepreneurs in the initial days of their venture and even after they have established their businesses. It is in fact a beautiful concept and its being different from personal sharing of stuff makes it more pleasing for businesses. Perhaps, it also reduces friction among businesses and boosts economy in the larger perspective as businesses develop a cohesive culture which is much beyond the regular business bonding.

Mutually Benefitting

Sharing can start with simple things, such as sharing a cab or car or coworking spare or even a photocopier machine. Its like investing in one thing and getting double profits from it. It is often seen that a large number of infrastructure resources of companies lie unutilized almost for their entire life span but if they could be included as shared resources then they can not only be less taxing for the business which owns it but for the business which shares it. There are several places available in metros specially coworking spaces in Delhi where startups can work and deliver their best.

Dawn of A New Era to Fight Back Economy Blues

Sharing resources could be an excellent means to fight back and cope up with the sluggishness in the economy. At a time, companies may require to cut down their expenses to unprecedented levels so that they could survive rough weather. Sharing economy and resources is the answer which can be the most revolutionary idea when it comes to survival. It is a fact that when the economy is in a state of depression, businesses struggle to survive. In such cases through resource sharing they could pump extra funds into business development. If the concept could prove to be wonderful in times of crisis why not prepare from the start and begin sharing economy at the outset. This would not only help businesses and individuals prepare for the worst but would also ensure their survival when economy starts crashing. Thus, it is not a concept which needs to be followed only in crisis but is one that could be adopted even during fair weather.

Be proactive Take Advantage

Nobody is going to come and offer you to share a ride, or do carpooling or share a workplace. It is up to you stand up and do the legwork. Be proactive, don’t hesitate to share, forget that your step could let people think you are trying to save money. You must always think of the larger perspective and realize that even by sharing a workspace or pooling a car with others could not only save your personal resources but the resources of the nation. Supreme Cowork provides many such shared spaces in business centre in Delhi and these could be the best pick.

Why to Waste Resources

Though there a lot of issues with sharing resources and issues which could be daunting but sharing is a good thing and little challenges and issues of ‘misuse or overuse by others’ or other matter could be resolved with the help of a foolproof mechanism. Shared spaces or coworking spaces are a great way of utilizing resources in the best possible manner. Here business professionals, share workspace, share resources and thus there is no need of several businesses to set up separate offices. 

Sales to Leasing

Inspired by the effectiveness of sharing economy, many companies have started promoting lease of their products rather than selling them. This shift is highly significant as by doing this, the companies in fact promote sharing and thus help in making the industry stronger and remain viable for businesses to exist and prosper in good and bad days of the economy. 

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