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YWhether you want the space to pitch investors or have a productive brainstorming session with your team, our impressive meeting room is ever-ready to accommodate all your needs.

Meeting Space in Shalimar Bagh

At Supreme Cowork, we offer a beautiful and unique meeting space, perfect for team meetings, hackathons, game-jams, and brainstorming sessions.

All our members get free access (upto a number of hours) to our meeting room. Equipped with the latest technology, our meeting room ensures that your meetings are smooth and hassle-free.

Ready When You Need It

We have a meeting room that allows your team to meet with clients in a professional atmosphere – for up to 8 people. With easy access to kitchen facilities, complimentary coffee and tea are just a short walk away!

The meeting room is:

High-end furnishing
Complimentary fresh beverages
Equipped with communication tools
Wired for Internet and WiFi access
Ready for your next meeting

Meeting room at Supreme Cowork

The Meeting Room at Supreme Cowork is the perfect complement to your Supreme Cowork Office, thus giving you access to professional, private and comfortable meeting space when you need it.

Located strategically in North Delhi, Supreme Cowork is on the third floor of DLF City Centre Mall- a common landmark. Your clients won’t face any problems at all navigating to your next meeting, leaving all the more impressed by the professional atmosphere of the space and the beautifully designed meeting area.

Whether you are meeting a client for an hour or hosting an all-day team meeting, our meeting space is perfect for you.

Focus on your meeting in comfort and privacy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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We offer customised and flexible working solutions for companies and teams of all sizes. Choose to work smarter and better.

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