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5 Days of Christmas Cheer | 2019

Christmas at Supreme Cowork was as #merry and #jolly as it could be!

Over the 5 days leading to Christmas, members of the community participated in exciting holiday activities:

  • On 17 December, we began the 5 days of Christmas by getting together some members to decorate the Christmas tree
  • On 18 December, members and the team gorged delicious, super cute, Chrismas Themed Holiday Cupcakes!
  • On 20 December, the community participated in some messy yet colorful cookie decoration. 
  • 21 December saw Santa dropping in at the space to distribute some delicious chocolates - it was a good mid-day mood booster!
  • Last but not the least, members at Supreme Cowork posed with the super festive Christmas props in the #PhotoBooth

#Christmas2019 #HoHoHo

  • 25 Dec 2019
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