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Get your own exclusive desk in our open area. With fast wifi, tea/coffee and all amenities we offer, this desk is perfect for people bored of the conventional office spaces.

Perfect For
Individuals or teams seeking desks in open area
Networking opportunities

Most of all, you get your own lockable drawer to store stuff in.

Work right in the middle of the thriving community. Opportunities are abound and networking is unstoppable in such an environment.

Being on the same table with other like-minded individuals, you get inspired and inspire to work to win. You get a pool of people to bounce things off of—both, from a business perspective and from a technical perspective.

All of these social and professional relationships go a long way in rapidly scaling up on opportunities as they come in.

With Open Desks, Individuals and small teams gain access to the infrastructural facilities of a large office complex like recreational spaces, cafeteria, meeting room, reception etc. along with an association of a work culture.

We also offer single/multiple desks in a cabin for people looking to
work in privacy but not for an individual cabin. Read more on:

Shared Cabins

Do You Need your own office?

We offer customised and flexible working solutions for companies and teams of all sizes. Choose to work smarter and better.

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