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Work Pod

Whether you want to work privately or get easy access to networking opportunities, with Work Pods you benefit from both the space’s thriving work vibe and greater degree of privacy, making it the ideal space to get stuff done.

  • Perfect blend of open seating and greater privacy
  • Best suited for Individuals or Teams of 2
  • Beginning from Rs. 7500 per seat per month

Private Office

Close your door and get to business in your very own private lockable office. Suiting all group sizes and superequipped, each one has tastefully designed office furniture and privacy blinds so you get to experience the best of coworking in your own team office.

  • Plug and Play private lockable team offices
  • Perfect for Team Sizes of 1-7
  • Beginning from Rs. 7700 per seat per month

Open Dedicated

With our open dedicated coworking plans, you can secure your own regular work space just for yourself, or for your team, so you are never without a fixed seating space.

  • Dedicated desk in the open coworking area
  • Best suited for Individuals or Teams of 1+
  • Beginning from Rs. 6500 per seat per month

We also offer single/multiple desks in a cabin forpeople looking to
work in privacy but not for an individual cabin. Read more on:

Shared Cabins

Why should you Cowork?

The term ‘cowork’ is no longer restricted to a chair on a shared table. Coworking spaces worldwide now provide a slew of seating options and plans designed to tailor to every need.

With Supreme Cowork,

  • You have the flexibility to scale the office space as your team grows
  • You can bounce ideas off and take feedback (and even find your first customers) from a community of like-minded individuals
  • You save on the overheads of office maintenance and reduce the upfront costs and time involved in setting up an office
  • You choose to #WorkSmarter because our homes are for procrastination.

All subscriptions come with access to our fabulous on-site amenities, networking events and workshops.


Do You Need your own office?

We offer customised and flexible working solutions for companies and teams of all sizes. Choose to work smarter and better.

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