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Shared Cabin

Shared Office Space for Rent in Delhi 

We offer Shared Cabins as a
seating plan to bridge the gap between wanting a cabin and some degree of privacy.

This works just like open seating, except your desk would be inside a cabin to give you more privacy.

Shared Office Facilities
Shared Office Pitampura
Shared Desk in North Delhi,Startup-Focused Coworking

Perfect For


Individuals looking to take up desk in a cabin environment.


Getting the benefits of cabin at lesser cost


Achieving greater degree of privacy.

Using this option, you can choose a single or group of dedicated desks inside a cabin. The remaining vacant seats will be open for occupancy by anyone else looking for working in a cabin.

*Starts From INR 7500/ Seat/ Month

Small Business-Friendly Workspace, Small Business Flexi Desk

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