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Cubicle/ Work Pod

Work Pod for Rent in Delhi NCR

Say hello to the most unique seating style at Supreme Cowork. With a Work Pod, you get the best of both worlds: the privacy of Private Office Spaces as well as the open environment of the Dedicated Desks.

Work Pods are a compact private space within the open environment. This is an ideal option for those wanting to make their own desk space more private and well organized. If you need solace and a separated individual space to concentrate, focus and deliver work, Work Pods are the best bet for you.

Perfect For


Individuals looking for private place to work in the open


Individuals who need greater degree of privacy


Indivudals who seek solace in such  environment

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We understand that you can’t sit in one spot for eight or nine hours a day. Work Pods are strategically located close to the pantry as well as to the open desks.

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This way, you can choose to take a quick break and then dive deep into deep focus mode with a small workplace designed just for you

*Starts From INR 7500/ Seat/ Month

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